Sunday, October 28, 2018

Heaven is on Your Case, Receive Your Vindication and Upliftment

This Man was called for a job after they called him. They asked him for an ATM account.. And he lost the ATM account in 2017 then. At work they told him that His,

 ATM account committed a fraud of 17 THOUSAND so they wanted to arrest Him. 

So he come to me and i prayed for him .and Today they have cancel all that amount and he will start working...

I prophesy into your life all your debts to cancel right now and I declare a miracle job to locate you in the name of Jesus Christ.

What is your endeavour? Receive your breakthrough... What Do You Want Miracle Money for?

1. To pay rent (2). For Visa (3). Business (4). School fees (5). Buying a house (6). Buying a car (7). Pay Debts (8). Maintenance (9). Groceries (10). Holiday (11). Hospital bills etc? 

I don't know it but God of ECG knows it, so by annotinted and prophetic power I say unto you, IT IS DONE.


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