Monday, October 29, 2018

Money to Train Your Children Shall Locate You

As I write, I see a child somewhere, a brother, a sister, a parent a friend battling for their life in hospital bed. 
As I write I see a student being chased from school, from college because the do not have school fees. As I write I see somebody who has just lost a job, a business that has collapsed and a marriage has just broken.

If you can connect to what I am seeing here, I am here to speak a word of encouragement to you. Being a Christian does not exempt you from facing situations. Don't forget you are living in the world that crucified the only son of God, Jesus Christ.

However, as a Christian - no matter the situations - keep your eyes on the cross. God will never put you in a situation that you cannot manage. He will never put you in a war you cannot win. You belong to a victorious family.

If you know it is you I am talking about here, please shout: I shall overcome in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

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