Tuesday, December 4, 2018

You Shall Succeed in Your Journey, Grow from Strenght o Strenght

As you embark on the today's journey...I pray for you that the Almighty & ever living God will keep orchestrating & preserving your going out & coming in, in Jesus name!!! . By the mercies of God, you will not fall victims in the hands of Fulani ex- men in Jesus name!!! . The Blood of Jesus will shield you with His garment of peace that passes all human understanding in Jesus name!!!.

You will grow from strength to strength, Glory to Glory in Jesus name!!!..Your destiny will not be cut short but rather all your expectation this year will result into manifestation in Jesus name!!!.. By the mercies of God, your eyes will behold the Glory of God working mysteriously in all ramification of your life in Jesus name!!!.. 

Anything you sought after the Lord, may the Lord God Almighty be attentive to every words that proceed out of your mouth seeing that all your request are acceptable in His sight & at the end thereof, you will smile again and have reasons to celebrate & testify for the great & mighty things that Lord has blessed you with on the side of eternity..

By the time, you will look back then you will know it was God that was behind the scene working it out for your good through Jesus Christ our Lord as we declared together in unity of faith as we type a resounding Amen without holding back..Its Done

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