Wednesday, May 22, 2019

I'M Major 1, Testimony of Blessing For Somebody here

The program many people don't receive, is the inability to follow what I call prophetic direction or prophetic instruction. Follow this simple instruction only, you can't follow this prophetic instructions and fail to receive a miracle or breakthrough.

No matter how busy you are, don't fail to read this post to the end in just 2 minutes, believe me you will never, never regret.

While seated in Johannesburg town with three of my sons who came to see me from Zimbabwe. While we where seated this afternoon, I received a call from UK a Lady who watched a live Broadcast on Sunday the 18th of November 2018, she said Prophet Shepherd I lost my job without given anything, that was 2014 up to now.

She said from 2014 I have lived a life of tears 😭 and pain, I ended up in debts and debts where in my neck. But as am speaking to you prophet my story is different.

Prophet as I was watching you live on that faithful Sunday as you where teaching and praying for people, I believe that same day as you were praying I started vomiting and in the night I saw you in the dream, you prayed for me and said it is well.

On Monday morning I received a call from the company which fired me for no reason. Saying we want you on Tuesday at the office ,of which I did they explained to me and gave me a cheque ,just after watching you my story changed, am no longer a laughing stock, no more in debts.

I prayed for her, and said your miracle is permanent in Jesus name. Hear me in this month of Divine Assistance, restoration, healing, deliverance and financial miracle is coming your way now.

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